Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surprise Bride

Brodie's Bride
Amie Louellen
Released Jun 2nd, 2011
241 Pages
The Wild Rose Press
Source: Contest Judge

Brodie Harper wakes up next to a screaming, sexy blond, in a seedy hotel room the night after his best friend, Jackson's Vegas wedding.  He chalks it all up to a lot of tequila mixed with a side of self-pity, but neither of those things can change the fact that this woman is not just a One-Night Stand, but Brodie's Bride.

Savanna Morgan just wanted to catch her soon to be husband cheating, so her father would change his mind about Savanna having to marry him.  Instead, she wakes up married to another man, and now she is cut off from the life of luxury and forced to rely on her new "husband" until they can get an annulment. 

I didn't think I was going to enjoy this book as much as I did.  I ended up really falling for our hero, Brodie Harper, with his crooked smile and his un-ruly hair.  As you read on, and find out more about the kind of man Brodie is, you will find yourself falling for him too.  Especially when he interacts with Nan, who cracked me up by the way, and her twin sister...I loved their meddling ways.

Our Heroine, Savanna Morgan, is also so much more than she seems.  She's had a lonely life and just wants to finally feel accepted, and the funny thing is, that with Brodie, she does.  I really liked her as a person, and I enjoyed the scenes between her and Brodie when they were trying their hardest to keep their hands off of each other....so much sexual tension...haha!

I truly enjoyed this read and hope that you will give it a chance.  The only thing that I am upset about is that Ms. Louellen didn't write a book about Jackson and Gina, two of our secondary characters.  I wish we could have read their love story before getting to this one!!

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jen shields said...

Great review, Lisa. So you read this one in a contest? And it's published already? Hot dang! You must have given her a good score ;)

Congrats to the author!