Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back to Gansett Island

Hoping for Love
The McCarthy's of Gansett Island #5
Marie Force
Released March 6th, 2012
Published by HTJB, Inc.
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Oh how I love being back on Gansett Island with all my old friends, and some new ones as well.  I might even say that Hoping for Love, the fifth book in the series, might just be my favorite so far, but I know there are more to come, so I wont make any promises.

In Hoping for Love, baby brother, Evan McCarthy, gets a small taste of what it might be like to fall for the perfect woman and he does not take it so well.  More like he is fighting it with every fiber of his being, even go as far as escaping after a mind-blowing night with Grace, our heroine.

Now Grace is just not havin it!  If Evan doesn't want to pursue anything further with her, relationship wise, then she will just move on.  She did not come to the Island in pursuit of him, well maybe a little, but she came to start a new life for herself.  Somewhere she is not known as "The Whale".  She has made numerous friends in just the few hours that she has been on the island, especially one very handsome Irishman.  She doesn't NEED Evan, especially if he is not interested in her, even if she wants him...A LOT!!

I won't give any hints about what happens between Evan and Grace, but I will tell you that there is one scene where Evan gets good and drunk, and might I say, he is so incredibly adorable, you wont be able to resist his drunken charms!!

Not only did I love the romance brewing between Evan and Grace, but we get to see more of our old friends, and we get a small spark that might be igniting soon between Owen and Laura, which I am so excited about.  And my girl Tiffany is FINALLY getting what I always thought she needed, a good lay in the hay, well not hay, but does a Kitchen counter count?  HEE HEE, and I am so thrilled at who her Hero will be, even if he has no plans on helping another woman in need....OH BOY....CANT WAIT!!

Ok people, if you have not yet read The McCarthy's of Gansett Island Series, then you need to get on it!!  You can read them separately if you want to, but my suggestion would be to read the complete series, which are NOW on PAPERBACK through Amazon.  So if you don't have an e-reader, don't fret!!

Start NOW and by Saturday, you should be done and chatting with all the GREAT ladies of the Marie Force Book Talk on Facebook, where we chat about her numerous releases and post pics of who we believe should play these handsome men if Gansett was made into a movie!!  Come join us:!/groups/MarieForceBookTalk/

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