Thursday, February 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Line of Scrimmage
Marie Force
Published Sept 1, 2008
356 Pages
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: Reviewer Owned

In the Hail Mary play of a lifetime, a sexy NFL quarterback has just ten days to convince his wife to give him a second chance before their divorce is final—and he has to act fast because she’s already engaged to her high school boyfriend. Line of Scrimmage is a story of reunion, redemption, rejuvenation, and renewal. Readers will laugh and cry and hope—that at the end of the day, these two lovers, who clearly belong together, will somehow find their way back to one another.

Since this was my FIRST Marie Force read, I figured it deserved to be an official Throwback.  I think I have read Line of Scrimmage about ten times, and each time I do, the story has the ability to suck me in and not let go until the last page.  Don't we love those books? 

One of my Favorite Football Romances, Line of Scrimmage is so much more than what you might think by looking at the cover....Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the cover....It just doesn't give justice to the emotion packed story that we get inside. 

Ryan Sanderson screwed up big time by letting Susannah get away the first time, but he won't let that happen again.  Even if the Superstar Quarterback is supposed to be recovering from an injury sustained in the last quarter of the Superbowl.  Susannah is about to marry another man, a man who is safe and she won't have to worry about. She is done with worrying and trying to put on a brave face.  She wants peace and normalcy and she can have that...just as soon as Ryan gives her a divorce. 

Line of Scrimmage is an emotion packed book that will have you tearing up numerous times.  We get to see inside the broken marriage of Two people who still truly love each other, but as they say "Sometimes Love Just Ain't enough". 

Great Read, Great Storyline, Great Characters and just a wonderful all around Romance!!  Get it, Read it and Enjoy it!!

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Natalija said...

This was my first read as well. Shame on me, but it's my only read by MF. I agree about the cover.