Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sparks Fly When The Lights Go Out

Hearts In Darkness
Laura Kaye
Published April 21st, 2011
E-Book Novella
230 Pages
The Wild Rose Press
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Do you believe in Love at First SPEAK?

Hearts In Darkness, a novella by Laura Kaye, brings this question to light when Makenna (M.J.) James and Caden Grayson are stuck in an elevator for hours, with only each others voices for comfort.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Novella.  I found myself smiling and laughing during their first conversation.  I enjoyed getting to know them, as if I was in the elevator too, which wouldn't be good, because I would be too busy hyperventilating, rather than talking with the guy next to me.

Loved our hero, Caden.  He was so "REAL" for what kind of men we might find today.  Your heart breaks into a million pieces when he talks about his past....I just wanted to grab him right up in a tight hug and hold on.  I think I feel in love with him a little!

I liked "Red", as he called her, too.  She reminded me of myself, so concentrated on working and getting from Point A to Point B, that if she hadn't been FORCED into meeting Caden, they may have just passed each other without a second glance.  Goes to show you that life is all about "Right Place, Right Time". 

The build up of sexual attraction was done exceptionally well, considering they hadn't seen each other's faces.  As they share stories about their lives, they become emotionally connected and those feelings spill over into sexual chemistry...which burns Hot and Fast!!  But what happens when the lights come on?  Will they still be attracted to each other?  I am not telling you the end, but it will be worth the read!

The only issues some of you may have is the overlapping scenes.  The POV's will crossover each other slightly, which I thought flowed nicely, but some readers might find it hard to keep up with.  I personally liked getting both Caden and Red's POV on some of the same scenes!

So, if you always wanted to be stuck in an elevator with a sexy man....at least you can read about it!!

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