Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fatal Flaw is like Icing on the Cake

Fatal Flaw
Fatal Series #4
Marie Force
Released Feb 6, 2012
Carina Press
Source: NetGalley

The Only FLAW in Fatal Flaw was that it ENDED!!  I NEEDED MORE!!

Let me tell you, a Samantha IN LOVE is a Samantha I love!!  From the first page we have our Nick and Sam back, and not just back from Bora Bora, where they Honeymooned, but we get the Sam and Nick who love each other more than anything in the world, and I didn't think I could fall anymore in love with this Series, but Marie made it possible!

So, here we have Sam and Nick, In Love and Happy....well....that only lasts for like three pages...then BACK TO THE GRIND and boy, does Sam get ground up!!

Fatal Flaw is everything we love about the Fatal Books, steamy sex, a crazy case to be solved, and a storyline that keeps us on the seat of our pants.  And we don't just get Sam and Nick..oh no...we get all of our favorites, Cruz, Gonzo, Skip, and some great new story lines with more Lindsay and Terry and Jeannie and Michael, who made me cry...that Michael and all his love and support!! *Swoon*

I don't want to give anything away, because I want to keep all my Marie lovers in suspense, but I will say...I personally hope we find out more about The Fitzgerald Case....I hope Sam gets a feeling and reopens that folder...could make some ripples!!  YAY...MORE FATAL!!

Marie Force has hit the nail on the head with Fatal Flaw.  I adored the romance, I adored Nick more than I ever thought and his little "Bora Bora" surprise...Oh Marie... I shouldn't love him this much...but I do!! 

Another one for the Favorites Shelf....getting a little crowded, but I always can build a second one, if Marie keeps writing amazing books!

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