Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'A Tasty Reader' Reviews

Take Me Home Tonight
Welcome to Paradise Book #2
Elle Kennedy
Released Oct 11th, 2011
Samhain Publishing
Source: Borrowed
Reviewed by: Rach Thielen

Take me Home Tonight is the sequel to the book Welcome to Paradise. 

Maddie has been in love with her boss, Owen Bishop, for the past three years.  But because she is just "one of the guys" nobody, especially her boss, even notices that she is a woman instead of the tough tomboy she portrays.

So, Maddie takes matters into her own hands and "reinvents" herself with new sexy clothes.  But sexy clothes mixed with Maddie's spunky, take no-crap attitude, can only lead to dangerous things!

Will Maddie get the man of her dreams???

To what lengths will Maddie go to get what she wants?? 

You will just have to read this story to find the answers!!

I have to say, I didn't like this book as much as Welcome to Paradise, but I would still recommend it, especially if you have already read the first book in the series, and because I really liked Maddie and her "take no crap" attitude!!

Warning: This book does have quite a bit of explicit language in it that could be offensive to some readers.

Rach Thielen and I share a love of Marie Force and Romance Books in general.  Rach lives in Minnesota and in between running a Day Care to pay for her Romance habit, and keeping her husband and three beautiful daughters happy, she loves to chat with All the other "Forcers" on Facebook!!


Maureen McTiernan said...

This book sounds great. I will definetly be putting it on my Christmas list. Thanks Lisa.

A Tasty Reader said...

You do have to read "the Fatal Series" by Marie Force first!! You will love Sam and Nick...Everyone knows I do!!