Thursday, December 1, 2011

Louisa Edwards Talks....Books, Food and More

I am thrilled to have Louisa Edwards hanging out with us today.  We are talking about her New Release, Some Like It Hot...which I am currently flying through...and chatting about How she came up with some of the ideas for her AMAZING 'A Recipe For Love' Series!! 

She is also going to be Giving Away a copy of Some Like It Hot, so make sure to answer the Giveaway Question at the bottom of the interview to be entered into the drawing!!

Good Luck Everyone!!

A Tasty Read:  OK.....Firstly....Kane Slater......What is his address and is this "Thing" with Claire very serious??

Louisa:  I love your priorities! Kane is a big favorite of mine, too--bold, sexy, artistic without being silly about it, and pretty down to earth for a famous rock star. Sadly for you and me, he's head over heels for Claire Durand, even though their different lifestyles seem to be a serious obstacle right about now...

ATR:   (Frowning) There is always Beck...for Now (Mischievous Smile)...Sorry, back on subject...Your books have been published at a time where Chef's have finally stepped out of the Kitchen and have become more of a Name Brand. Did the change in the industry inspire the idea for your Recipe For Love series?

Louisa:  That's probably true on some level, because the change in the way the public views chefs enabled a lot more chef memoirs to be published--and that's really where my interest started. Books like Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential and Bill Buford's Heat provided glimpses into real restaurant kitchens. And as I devoured nonfiction about chefs, all I could think about was how sexy they were, and what good heroes they'd make!

ATR:   Very cool Louisa.  I guess it's true that we find inspiration Everywhere!  I read that you worked as a Restaurant Reviewer, aside from numerous other things. Have any of your books been written from experience?

Louisa:  In addition to reviewing restaurants, I also have several friends who work as professional chefs, and they were nice enough to let me trail them through their kitchens and ask a lot of nitty gritty questions! So a lot of my research came from that and from their stories, but a lot of it is straight out of my imagination, too. 

ATR:   That has got to be some Good Nitty Gritty....Oh Boy!! (Laughing)  I love that The Rising Star series takes place in New York. As a born and raised New Yorker, Lunden's Tavern takes me back to the GREAT Restaurants that line the Manhattan Streets. Did you create the Tavern after any specific restaurant? What is your favorite cuisine to eat?

Louisa:  What a fun question! I actually think of Lunden's as sort of a cross between Minetta Tavern and 21 Club--physically, more like Minetta, but with the old classic feel of 21. When we lived in New York, our favorite restaurant was probably Ouest, on the Upper West Side, but now when we visit, we go everywhere and try everything! I could never narrow it down to one favorite cuisine, but country French (steak frites, salade lyonnais) is my comfort food.

ATR:  Sounds Yummy....So much for that Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza I had last night...Anyway, The Rising Star Competition......What an Awesome Idea....How did it come about??

Louisa:  Anyone who follows me on Twitter or is a fan of my Facebook page knows--I'm obsessed with Top Chef! And Iron Chef, and Hell's Kitchen, get the idea. I love culinary competitions, love the creativity talented chefs display under pressure, and the way tensions (and personalities) run hot when the competition gets fierce. I thought it would make a great backdrop for romance, and I loved that it gave me the excuse to do research like attending the US finals of the Bocuse d'Or at the Culinary Institute of America!

ATR:  Oooooh...Do they give out Free Samples??  Tee hee...So, can you tell us a bit about the New Trilogy you are working on?? Um....Black Irish...HELLO!!

Louisa:  Details on the new trilogy are pretty hush hush because we're right in the middle of negotiating the deal. Sorry! But if you want to keep updated, follow me on Twitter @LouisaEdwards, 'like' my FB page at
or sign up for my newsletter at
I'll be posting news very soon, I hope! Fingers crossed.

ATR:   I'll cross mine for you too!!  So before I let you go, I have to ask you the Giveaway question: With the Holiday's like...hovering over our shoulders......Do you have one Signature Holiday dish that is a hit year after year??  Or a Favorite Holiday Treat that you request year after year??

Louisa:  Hmmm...My favorite holiday dessert is an old-fashioned one that we make every single year in my family, for generations: Delmonico Pudding! In fact, there's a variation on my family's recipe in the back of my second book, On the Steamy Side!

ATR:  Um...I am grabbing my copy off the shelf right now (stomach growling) Louisa...THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing an interview with A Tasty Read. Congratulations on the New Release of Some Like It Hot, and I am dying for Beck's book.....So keep em' coming!!

Louisa:  Thank you so much for having me! It was a blast. And good luck in the drawing, everyone!

Giveaway Question: Do you have one Signature Dish that has become a HIT year after year, or is there a Holiday Treat that you put in a request for each year??  (Be aware...I may be asking for some recipies)  *Don't forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!!

Delectable Guest

Louisa Edwards grew up in Virginia before moving to Manhattan to work with some of the biggest names in romance publishing. She also worked as a restaurant reviewer for a small-town newspaper, a waitress at a retirement home, and behind the counter at an organic bakery before she decided to unite her lifelong passions for romance novels and cooking by writing contemporary romances full of smokin’ hot chefs, smart and independent women, and original recipes.

Speaking of hot, she currently lives in Austin with her husband and two of the naughtiest Border Terriers ever spawned.

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Anonymous said...

Great chat ladies! i look forward to some homemade peanut butter pie every year! In fact i helped myself to more than a few pieces at thanksgiving and most likely will be doing the same at christmas! its time to dust off that gym membership!
- Casey R.

Louisa Edwards said...

Oh wow, peanut butter pie!! That sounds awesome, Casey. Worth every extra minute at the gym!

Laurie D. said...

Fabulous interview, ladies! I enjoy so many of the cooking shows on television and thank my lucky stars that I don't have to perform under so much pressure! There are so many great relaxing, low-key cooking shows on PBS that I fear are likely missed by many cooking fans.

My family enjoys the savory dishes that make up holiday celebrations, but the one I'm asked to make for every holiday is chocolate cream pie with real whipped cream.

Happy Holidays!


Lisa Filipe said...

Laurie, I LOOOOVE Chocolate Cream Pie...So light, you can eat the whole thing before you know it!! And Casey...I am going to need that recipe for Peanut Butter Pie....especially if it is made with Reeces PB Cups!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview!! Can't wait to see what's up ahead for Luisa Edwards!! Great questions by A Tasty Read too! As for a holiday dish...I'm sticking to the basics.....Brownies, Apple Pie and some Ice Cream :) - Marisa

Maureen McTiernan said...

I am so proud of my sister for growing up into such a smart beautiful woman. I am also very excited about "Some like it hot". I cannot wait to read it. Then my hubby better watch out! Umm, lets see, I never really cooked for the holiday. But this year, I am going to have Daniel (my soon to be 3 year old) help me make roll out sugar cookie cut outs. It seems pretty simple, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, flour and baking powder. Ill make the icing myself and some colored sugar. I'm really excited. Unfortunately no Peanut Butter for Daniel, but we can still have fun. Thanks Lisa and Louisa for the interview.

Megan said...

Great interview ladies! Can't wait to read Some Like it Hot. Delicious cover by the way! As for holiday cooking, I am always asked to bring my much loved buffalo chicken dip to Thanksgiving. My lucky bro in law always gets his own tray to bring to the firehouse. For Christmas Im going to create a dessert in my new trifle bowl. Going to start with some layers of chocolate cake, pudding, whipped cream, graham crackers and maybe top it off with a little caramel sauce. I can't wait!

Jen Shields said...

Great interview! I'm putting the series on my to-read list, especially the 2nd one with that recipe. I've never even heard of that dish before! I love to bake, but one of my most sought-after dishes is actually the most simple. I make a bundt-style coffee cake.

Yellow Cake Mix
1 Package of Vanilla Pudding Mix
Pour half the batter in a greased bundt pan. Sprinkle a mix of cinnamon and sugar (I use both brown and white) across the batter, and then follow with the remainder of the mix.

It comes out super-duper moist, the consistency is to die for. People harass me for that cake!

Amy Lamont said...

One of my daughters is an aspiring chef and recently has gotten us all watching the cooking competition shows. Love the premise of one serving as a backdrop for romance!

As for in-demand recipes, I get lots of requests for my Shiny Sugar Cookies. I love these because they're just as fun to make as they are to eat. Baking them and spending a few hours decorating them with all sorts of icing and sugars and sprinkles has become a holdiday tradition!

Great interview!

A Tasty Reader said...

Ok...Brownies, Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Cake Trifle....Ummm...Stomach Growling here people!! And Jen...I NEED that Coffee Cake Recipe...or you can make one and overnight it to my house!! And one for Louisa too!!

Shelly E said...

I adapted a coconut macaroon recipe to mimic those 7 layer magic cookie bars. Anyone who loves magic cookie bars loves those cookies, and they are super easy to make. I always want german chocolate cake this time of year, because my grandma always had it for the holidays.

Joy said...

Deep-fried Twinkies!! Deep fried anything :) We fry our turkey for Thanksgiving (sometimes Christmas too) and so we always whip up something crazy good to go in the oil before the bird. Experimentation is delicious :)

Isabel said...

First of all, I love your Blog Lisa. Thank you for sharing this great interview with us. I can't wait to pick up a copy of Some Like It Hot, it sounds like it's right up my alley.

As for holiday desserts, the one I am always asked to make is my Bavarian Cream with strawberry sauce. It is light as a cloud and delicious. I made it for Thanksgiving, and I also made your recipe for the Oreo Balls. They were easy to make and tasted like chocolate truffles.

I look forward to reading more great interviews.

Happy Holidays to all!


A Tasty Reader said...

Magic Bars are one of my Absolute favorites to make Shelly, and so easy too!!

Joy...Deep fried twinkies remind me of the Carnivals back home in NY...Have you ever had Deep Fried Cola??

Isabel, I know Some Like It Hot will be right up your alley, as well as the rest of the Recipe for Love Series!!

Nikki said...

I'm not much of a cook, and there's no specific holiday dish I ask for each year, but I do have to have as much egg nog as possible!


Stormgoddess925 AT yahoo DOT com

Joy said...

I have not tried the deep fried cola but it came up on the wish list to do at Christmas... I'm going to have to track down a recipe.

Here's my email addy - I forgot earlier:
edwards96 at gmail dot com