Friday, December 30, 2011

Can Stay Hidden

Hidden Summit
Virgin River #17
Robyn Carr
Released Dec 27th, 2011
400 Pages
Mira Publishing
Source: NetGalley

The first few pages of Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr were like the first few bites of a Birthday Cake Sundae with Reece's Peanut Butter cups mixed in.....Really Good.....and then halfway to the middle, I start to get a stomach ache, or in this focus was gone.

Conner Danson was just the kind of hero I like....Cropped hair, broad shoulders, goatee and blue, blue eyes behind thick lashes....I mean...OH yeah!! And the way he wanted to take care of his sister and her two boys, and his trust issues from a cheating spouse...I mean..who wouldn't want this sexy, bad boy to have a starring role in her dreams.

So we started out good...and then we meet Leslie, who is trying to escape the pressure from her image-conscious Ex and his new pregnant wife...UGH!! I liked Leslie from the start and was definitely in her corner when it came to her weasel of an ex. I was pulling for her and Conner to get together, but then it was just.....I don't know...Boring??

I felt as if I was reading about a couple that was reading a scene from a movie. The dialogue was just...OFF.  Some of the things he said were unbelievable and it just didn't match up with the kind of guy that he was portrayed to be. This was where I stopped caring about what happened to this couple, ok...I kind of still cared and skimmed through the rest of the book to the end.....BUT...I wasn't invested in the story and I HATE...HATE when that happens.

All in all...Hidden Summit was just OK...

On a bright note, I did like Katie, Connner's sister, who will be the heroine in Redwood Bend, the next Virgin River book due out February 28th, 2012. Maybe Katie and her sexy biker, Dylan will keep me reading the Virgin River Series!!

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