Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Undeniably Mine...

Undeniably Yours
Kowalski Family #2
Shannon Stacey
Released Jan 31st, 2012
384 Pages, Mass Market
Source: Netgalley, Purchased on Amazon
(E-Book previously released)

One-Night Stand + 2% Condom Failure Rate = Happily Ever After?

Kevin Kowalski meets Beth Hansen while she is working as a waitress at his brother's wedding.  The playboy and the waitress have a wild night together that ends with a misunderstanding.  They meet again when she tells him she is pregnant.  Instead of the reaction Beth thought she would encounter, Kevin is excited about becoming a father, but a Father is one thing and a HUSBAND is another.  As Kevin and Beth plan for the babies arrival, he realizes how much he wants the three of them to be a family, but can he convince Beth that what he feels for her is REAL?

Really, really cute story!!  I was a big fan of Kevin from Exclusively Yours, the First book in the Kowalski Family Series. He is sweet, adorable and who doesn't love a man who is so excited to be a father.

I could understand why Beth wanted space and not to get caught up in a fake romance that she felt she had forced on Kevin, but there were a few times where I wanted to slap her!

It's a great story about getting a life you never knew you wanted, but wouldn't know how to live without it if you had to try.

It is a family series, so you can read Exclusively Yours first....or you can just enjoy this book as a stand alone. I really enjoyed getting to know the whole Kowalski clan, so I would suggest reading them in order.

I also really enjoyed the secondary romance between Paulie, the tough girl bartender and Sam, the man she left behind. Paulie is very cool and just a real person. Someone who you would love to be a friend of yours. I really loved Sam, who was not letting her run away from him a second time. I am a SUCKER for a reunion story!!

All in all, the book was a great addition to the Kowalski Series. Keep your eyes peeled for the third book in the series, Yours To Keep.

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Natalija said...

This series sounds amazing, can't wait to read. Thanks for sharing your review.