Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Author Spotlight Featuring Louisa Edwards

I thought Louisa was a great fit for the Next Author Spotlight considering my blog is called "A Tasty Read" and all of Louisa's books have to do with Very Sexy Chefs and Steamy Kitchens!!

I first heard of Louisa Edwards while perusing Barnes and Nobel for a Fun, New read.  I spotted the cover for Can't Stand the Heat and knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.  And because I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef....her books were even more fun to read.....It is now SEXY to be a chef or someone in the industry, not that they haven't ALWAYS had their fun behind the scenes, but now it is out in the open, and Louisa tells it like it is!!!

Her, RECIPE FOR LOVE series starts with Can't Stand the Heat (9/09), which includes some very sexy cooking lessons, some very interesting uses for the Kitchen counter tops and some sweet pillow talk!! I LOVED the first book in the series and knew I had to have the next installment.

On the Steamy Side hit the shelves in May 2010.  In the second installment we are wrapped up in the life of a Very Handsome, somewhat egotistical Television Chef (Yes, you can imagine your own favorite TV Chef here) and a sweet, good girl who tells it like it is and isn't afraid to tell this man what she really thinks about him......Well....except when they are having some hot, steamy sex in the shower!! Yes....Chef's Do It With Steam!!

The third installment, Just One Taste, released Aug, 2010, gives us some serious lessons on love.  Brainy Nerd + Adorable Chef + Food Chemistry 101 = EXPLOSION!!

The fun continues with her newest Trilogy, RISING STAR CHEF series. 

The series starts out with a Family run restaurant in NYC, Lunden's Tavern, where business has SLOWED down and they need to win the Rising Star Chef Competition to stay afloat.  What will happen when the Prodigal son returns to stir the pot at Lundens??  You need to pick up Too Hot To Touch, which was released Aug 2011. 

Some Like It Hot, the second installment of the series, will be hitting the shelves on November 29th, 2011, Just in time for the Holidays!!  Here we get the skinny on a sexy chef and the spunky, smart host of the Rising Star Competition.  I have a feeling we will be getting more than fire under the burners with this one!! 

The third book in the series might be the most highly anticipated, well at least by me....AHHH BECK!!

Hot Under Pressure, releasing March 2012, gives us a further look into the life of Henry Beck.....I think the name Henry has never sounded sexier!!  I know I would like to know more about the ex-Military man...and I know once you get through the series...YOU will be saying the same thing!!

So for all of those foodies out there that can't get Enough of Top Chef...Check out these DELICIOUS READS from Louisa Edwards.  You will never feel the same way about a handsome Chef again!!

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