Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Donna Alward
Releasing Dec 6th, 2011
200 Pages
Samhain Publishing

I had the honor of winning an Advanced Readers Copy of Breathe by Donna Alward. I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of Reunion/Lost Love Romances. The author can normally have me bawling my eyes out half way through the book with the Heart wrenching stories of why things didn't work out for these Two People. And Breathe by Donna Alward was no different.

Our heroine Anna Morelli has lost her husband and cant stand the looks of pity she faces everyday. So she escapes to the one place that she believes can make it all better, Two Willows Winery, which is owned by her oldest friend and lost lover, Jace Willow.

Jace is not expecting Anna and her two children, but he can't turn away the one woman that she has never stopped loving. He lost her years ago because he was young and stubborn, and didn't believe he was good enough for her. They were ripped apart over a misunderstanding and she went on to marry someone else.
All the old wounds are reopened when they are brought together again. Can these two hurt souls come together again, and this time, make it forever?

His throat tightened painfully as the emotion threatened to take over.  He swallowed, blinked.  "I failed you in every possible way.  But I love you and what I'm asking is for you to give me the chance to make that up."
I really enjoyed the story of Anna and Jace. The old hurts, the mistrust, the pain...I know it is a good read when my chest get tight and I can feel the pain they are feeling in my chest!! And the descriptions of the Wine Country are so vivid, you feel as though you have been transplanted there.

If you are like me and love a romance with a beautiful Reunion story, Breathe by Donna Alward is a winner!!

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