Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Living With Regret

Take This Regret
Amy Lichtenhan
Released July 27th, 2011
The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing

A promise to love her forever.
A betrayal she could never forgive.
A change of heart that leaves her questioning everything she thought she believed.

Can she forgive someone who has committed the unforgivable? Or are there some wounds that go so deep they can never heal?

Take This Regret is my kind of story.  I love the "lost love" story, or in this case....The Love that got away because you told her to choose between you or the unborn baby she was carrying....well that one is an easy one!!

I love all of the emotion, pain and hurt that comes with a lost love story, and let me tell you this book had A LOT of all of those things. 

Elizabeth is my kind of Heroine....she knew from the beginning what would be best for her unborn child and she spent the next six years doing everything in her power to continue doing what is right, that is until the day that Christian comes waltzing back into their lives and throws Elizabeth completely off of her game.  The drama unfolds and the painful conversations begin.  I just wanted her to be happy, I wanted her to finally have the man that she never stopped loving...but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't have thrown a punch if her would have done to me what he did to Elizabeth.

I liked the fact that we are able to see both POV, from Christian and Elizabeth.  Even if the Chapters got a bit confusing because they aren't labeled who is speaking.

All in all this was a heartbreaking book that had the tears flowing after page one.

Recommended read from me!!!

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