Wednesday, September 7, 2011


From This Moment On
Bella Andre
Released Aug 30, 2011

From This Moment On.....I officially LOVE Marcus Sullivan...ok I would take any of the other six brothers, but right now I am loving Marcus.

Nico/Nicola is a pop star who figures if everyone thinks she is a wild party girl she might as well use the image to have a little fun....and she finds exactly the perfect man....Marcus, who is also looking to forget his cheating ex, and leave the club with a beautiful, sexy stranger.  What will happen between these two lonely people when they discover that the feelings they have for each other are a little too close to LOVE....

Nico and Marcus sure do know how to heat up the bedroom and their chemistry is off the charts HOTT!!  I really enjoyed the flow of their relationship from just a 'One Night Stand' to becoming so wrapped up in each other they were all the other could think about.  Their feelings were so real, almost like Fate stepped in and made sure they were both at the right place and the right time!! 

Really, really enjoyed the second installment of The Sullivan's Series....Can't wait for Hottie Fireman Gabe's story, Can't Help Falling In Love!! 

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