Thursday, July 21, 2011


  E-Book Released July 19th
  Harper Collins Publishing

  MMP Released August 9th
  336 Pages
  Avon Impulse Publishers


 Kate Silver’s back in town, and her dead mother just won’t leave her alone.

 This debut novel by Candis Terry was a recommendation by Rachel Gibson on Facebook.  And because I am such a Rachel Gibson fan, I knew she wouldn't steer me wrong.  Boy was she right on with this book.  Second Chance at the Sugar Shack was a great start to what will be a fun series. 

Katie Silverthorne, known to her Hollywood people as Kate Silver, left Deer Lick ten years ago and never looked back until the phone call that changed her life.  Kate heads back for her mother's funeral and finds that life had gone on without her, and the worst of it is that no one but her father is happy that she is back, especially Matt Ryan, (Who might I add that I imagined as Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles the whole time) her old boyfriend that she left without a goodbye ten years ago.

Kate is volunteered by her Professional Quarterback brother, Dean and her successful lawyer sister, Kelly to stay in Deer Spit (haha Josh) and help their father with the family bakery for the next five months.  As the days slip by, Kate realizes that Deer Lick may not have been the horrible place that she thought it was at twenty, when she was dying to break free of her hovering mother.  And with a little help from that same mother, who keeps popping in "Its Not Unusual", Kate starts to see that maybe she is a little more Deer Lick than Hollywood and she can have the life she never saw for herself and maybe even a blue eyed soul mate to keep her warm at night!

This novel is one for the TO-READ pile, and keep a look out for The second Sugar Shack Novel,  Dean's story,  coming out November 2011.

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