Thursday, July 14, 2011

Author Spotlight --Marie Force

If you haven't heard of her you may need to clean out your ears because Marie Force is not only an author, she is a super author, giving us Amazing Book after Amazing Book.  I first heard the name Marie Force when searching Amazon for a new book to download on my new Kindle.  Line of Scrimmage (9/08) sounded right up my alley, with a hot Quarterback hero and his newly engaged ex-wife.  After balling my way through this emotional book (you will need a tissue), I was hooked!!  I wanted more by Marie and let me tell you, she doesn't disappoint.

Love at First Flight (7/09) was such a delightful book that asks the question, Can a relationship form between two strangers on the same flight?  Since I am a read-a-holic (yes, just ask my husband) I needed more and Marie was sure to deliver with the start of The Fatal Series, Fatal Affair (6/10).  This was the start of something great.  We get to follow Sam and Nick on a wild roller coaster ride of murder, shootings, more murder and some steamy love between these to people who are getting a second chance at love, and that's just the first book. 

Marie then published two tantalizing ebooks, True North and The Fall just in time for the holidays.  Thankfully the next installment of the Fatal series, Fatal Justice, was released in January, just in time for us to catch Sam and Nick trying to adjust to their new titles, only to be hit with another murder.  I know...its crazy....but the story is so high energy, you can't help but get sucked in.

She followed these with another mass market paperback, Everyone Loves a Hero (2/11) which definitely put her on my list of Hero's.  This was followed by The Wreck (3/11), another fantastic ebook and another tearjerker.  Thank you Marie for building up my heart and then breaking it, and then building it back up again.

Her newest series, The McCarthys of Gansett Island, which starts with Maid for Love was released April 2011 followed immediately by Fool for Love and Ready for Love.  This series was such a hit with not just me but all of her followers that she has decided she will write stories for some of our favorite Gansett characters, starting with Grant's story.  (Thank you Marie, I am waiting patiently for Tiffany's story).

Ok...Im taking a breath.....just thinking of all the writing she has done is making me tired......

As to the reason that Marie was my pick for my first ever Author Spotlight is ....drum roll here.......The third installment of the Fatal series, Fatal Consequence is being released on Monday, July 18th....yea, yea, yea!!  I have a date scheduled with my Kindle, so don't call me, I wont be calling you!!

Marie will also be publishing Fatal Destiny- The Wedding Novella in September, and the fourth installment Fatal Flaw in February, which I am psyched about......I can't get enough of Sam and Nick, I juts hope they can make it to the wedding in one piece!!

Marie, as an aspiring writer and a huge fan, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to your fans.  You give us everything we want and more...I don't even know when you have time to sleep.  Please keep writing....I wouldn't know what to do without some of the best characters that I have read, and I owe it all to you!!


Isabel said...

Let me the be the first to comment on your Blog. Love it! Will have to get started on the Marie Force books, after all you have never steered me wrong before. As for the recipe, I am so glad you posted it as it is Mark's favorite. He misses it. I will have to make it for him. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.


Marie Force said...

Thank you so much for making me your first featured author and for your lovely words about my books. I'm so glad you enjoy them!